Scope of Historical Writing

The term ‘Scope’ refers to the breadth, comprehensives, variety and the extent of learning experiences in any discipline. The scope of history has changed from historian to historian and period to period. In ancient times, history was synonymous with a collection of legendary stories, heroic accounts, and folk tales. People believed in historical events and in what they heard or come or came to know of without any critical analysis.

During Greek and Roman civilizations, a scientific purpose was imparted to history. It developed into a separate branch of study based upon inquiry and analysis. The medieval Church influenced historical thought for long and restricted the purpose of history to the explanation of how the divine will express itself in human actions. From time to time, different theories influenced the implications of history. The geographical, anthropological and geometrical theories also had an impact on writing history.

Breadth of History

The three dimensions that are covered in present-day history are as follows:

i.                   To narrate what is happened

ii.                 To discuss how it happened

iii.               To analyze why it happened

These three dimensions cover a broad process of recording human past.

Extent of history

  History is growing in extent also. There is a complete change in the approach to be subject. The narrations of political events are replaced by the humanistic approach. From time to time, different approaches emerge in the field of historical writing within the backdrop of contemporary development in the other field of academic discipline.

Comprehensiveness of history

History is all-embracing and encyclopedic in the subject matter. It covers a whole range of subjects and disciplines. All the discipline in the universe has a history of their own, for example, the history of science and technology and history of medicine. In the early days, history included politics, economics, religions, and other disciplines.

Variety of History

 History is multifaceted and includes in different kinds of history such as political history, economic history, business history, military history, religious history, agrarian history, micro history, women’s history, subaltern history, diplomatic history. environmental history, and administrative history. From time to time, consequent to the change in human society a vivid variety of histories emerging.


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