Importance of History

History is useful in many ways as it reflects human beings achievements, failures glories, follies and mistake and stands in front of us as a veritable lesson for the entire human race. John Seely stated that “when we learn history, we do not learn the past but future”.

1.     Provides Employment

2.     Intellectual and educative value

3.     Provides historical Background

4.     Imbibe’s values

5.     Guiding force

6.     Knowledge of History

7.     Historical inheritance

8.     Realization of human dignity

9.     Lessons of historical experiences

10. Effects of extreme Nationalism

11. Impact fo Imperialism

12. Promote Internationalism


1.     Learning by Experience

2.     History is thinking about the present

3.     Employment Opportunities

4.     Skills Development

5.     Roots of present problems Lie in the past

6.     Intellectual satisfaction

7.     Enriches human knowledge

8.     History’s teaching are useful forever

9.     The past was a model for the present and the future

10. Promotes universality

11. History as a necessity in the world of globalization


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