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As a father, an adult man, a leader, and a teacher, I have heard enough of many things. I’ve lost half of my life. I also don’t know how long I will use the rest of my life. I have worked hard and been honest without looking for more benefits or rewards from my family, relatives, society, students, my colleagues, or immediate manager. I did what I felt was good for the causes of the larger order while keeping personal benefit to a minimum. While others work in public office just to satisfy their own wants and needs. I really feel bad for them. Are they brave? Even the money I get every month is enough for me to live. There are ups and downs in the world we live in. In the society we live in, it has become an art form to judge someone’s potential and character. I also know someone who only watches what other people do and doesn’t do anything to help people in need. Their only goal is to get a reward and make money. This kind of person is very dangerous. Because s/he is just looking for the opportunity to snatch someone’s opportunity just by pretending to work.

Another thing I observe is that groupism is common in the society we are living in. My concept of groupism means that being together always has a tendency to think and act as members of a group. If groupism happens at work, it is a virus. A virus that does not have any medicine to cure it. It will disrupt the long-term goals and mission of the workplace. That’s why I decided not to be in a group. A group of people who are always working together is fine, but playing together on occasion is okay, and gossiping together is always a problem. Being in a group, if they discuss and contribute to a right understanding of excellence. If it takes place in opposition or contradiction, one’s mental attitude and thoughts would be guided by a bad environment. It poses a greater risk to society and the environment in which we live.

To keep myself aloof from anything that disturbs the continuity of happiness and prosperity, I shall never be in a group. I’d like to contribute to that group by working and shouldering responsibility together. What I would love to be in a group that creates is a conducive environment for everyone to think, sharing ideas and innovation, imparting the culture of togetherness and oneness, helping at the need of an hour, and imparting the concept of right understanding through relationships and physical facilities.

Say no to groupism for a healthier and more conducive environment.

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