An ability to learn from a mistake is the best reformation

Message of mistake

If we work with understanding our mistake is one of the best forms of self-education. This should be self-reflection. An ability to reflect timely will help us to control within self instantly. As the old saying goes “when you repeat a mistake it is not a mistake anymore but a decision”.  Having known this old quote gives me immense pleasure to brainstorm the way I think and act.

I don’t think we need a certificate to correct one’s mistake by someone else. I am not sure if someone’s idea inheriting would help an individual or not. But the trend is already developing in our society. We seek advice or consult someone at any time. It is okay to seek their idea but there could be rare people who also have the same experience that one is going. Be careful of an inexperienced one’s assistance whenever necessary.

Sometimes one could be so fortunate to meet a reliable person who could guide and consult us at any time. Whenever one wishes to seek advice seek from the person whose experience could change the future of one’s destiny. Expertise could be religious masters, a farmer, researcher, teacher, lecturer, manager, leader, colleagues, and anyone. Do not miss the opportunity to attend their talks, lecture, and make conservation.

Remember a reliable person does not only means someone who is popular but there is also someone who maintains a low profile in society.

Every day I do experience a mistake and reflect accordingly. I believe self-reflection better than seeking outside interference. I respect anyone as a colleague. Everyone is equal in my eye. First and foremost thing try best to understand the circumstance. Then I find a solution. But some solutions are mean to be public and open, some to maintain confidentiality, some to consult and some to report to the right person.

In my opinion, learning from one’s mistake is the best solution to reform oneself. I accept my mistake and error. I am not an expert manager and academician. I am prone to make mistake.  I believe that through the mistake only one can achieve greatness in a lifetime.

Let’s be humble and learn from one’s mistake. Ego has no room in the society we are living in. We can make mistakes but accept reform from that experience!

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