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Power of Wind

I wonder as lonely as an ascetic. Moving here and there. Most of the time thoughtless to think where I am heading?  My movement has no reason and logic in tangible form. So I am lonely wind moving freely up and down, to and fro, and here and there.  Just overseeing the movement of everyone. Then I wonder where I am heading?

What actually caused the wind movement? Is it a predictable movement? How long it will travel? Like in the workplace, I have pressure to do, to achieve, and fulfill my dream and aspiration. So does the movement of wind could be caused by a difference in pressure from one area to another area on the surface of the Earth.   It is naturally that air moves from high to low pressure, so it creates wind.  Generally, we can say that the cause of the wind is the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by the Sun.

Wind movement could be predictable. Because we know air moves from areas of low altitude to areas of high altitude. Air moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure.  It can travel several kilometers before scattering. So wind’s motion results in circulating weather systems on the Earth’s surface. The types of weather are a must for all human and sentient beings. This weather can be sunny, cloudy, snowy, and rainy.

But the weather affects us in a huge number of ways.  For an instant, climate influences the growth of crops, thus affecting the availability and kind of food we eat. Fluctuations in the weather affect what clothes we wear, and soon. So to encounter the weather’s effect, we humans prepare accordingly.

Like a movement of wind that has lots of impact on every human being in the world. Desire to wonder like the wind is what I aspire to challenges obstacles and problems which are to be dealt with without fear.

Lets’ face challenges and hardship with courage, firm determination, and grit.

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