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First Greek writer Homer

Homer is one of the most popular of the early chronicles who wrote Iliad and Odyssey, narrate the splendor of Greece. Dionysius wrote a history of Persia in 5 books. Charon, a contemporary of Dionysius, was author of two important works-a History of Greece  and a history of Persia. However, it was Hacataeus who laid the foundation of Greek historical writing.

A witness to the Persian invasion of Greece, diplomat, who served on political missions and a man who traveled widely, gained rich historical experience. He considered the ancient myths as ridiculous and wrote a book on the history of the Persian Empire and western Europe in fact, the three writer Dionysiu, Charon and Hacataeus initiated historical writing in ancient time Greece.

Contemporaries and follow Asiatic Greeks, they wrote narrative history of man, cities and nations and on political, military and literary developments of local well as regional importance. The social, economic and political changes that followed the war gave rise to piratical type of historical writing, which reached its climax in the works of Herodotus, Thycudides and Polybius.

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