I am fed up with understanding people: In return they just betray me

Judge people

Be careful of whom you are helping, talking, listening, and sharing things together. Out of kindness and love of love & sympathy, we tend to consider their wishes fulfilled. But after fulfilling their hopes and wishes these people never look back.

I have helped and assisted many people in various capacities as a leader, friend, colleague, acquaintance, and as a family. Now I realized I worked and helped for the wrong person. But some are more terrible fake friends, more dangerous than having five real enemies.

It is a new lesson for me. Hereon, I will think that just because they are by my side, it doesn’t mean they are with me. secondly, showing their smile at me, also doesn’t assure they are happy for me. And finally, their physical hug and hand-shake & wish doesn’t mean they love me. In real life, they are just suckers and want to dig.

So remember: ‘some people aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to their need of you. Once their need change, so does their loyal’. I am alert and awake through experience. I pray for the Buddhisattva of all the time. May you blessed me with good friends. This is my wishes and prayer hereon.

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