Justice is to advantage of the stronger

Justice is defined as providing fair treatment to each individual without exception, regarding their personal rights according to land laws. Similarly, there are three principles of justice; ‘equality, fairness, and access’.

Where is justice in the society we are living in? I agreed with Thrasymanchu, “Justice in our society is to advantage of the stronger”. He further argues that “justice is whatever is in the interest of the stronger party in a given state; justice is thus effected through power by people in power. People in power make laws; the weaker party (subjects) are supposed to obey the laws, and that is justice: obedience to laws made by the rulers in the interest of the rulers”. In the same way, I felt justice is used to suppress someone through a common decision. Whether we like it or not we have to abide by the unjust decision of the time. Sometimes justice is used by the decision-makers not only to forego the right of the individual but to stop their dreams and aspiration of life opportunities.

Thrasymachus’s statement regarding justice seems to work in our era; justice is “nothing other than the advantage of the stronger“; justice is obeying the laws of the ruler(s); justice is “really someone else’s good, the advantage of the man who is stronger and rules”.

May 10, 2022

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