Let the dog bark, nobody cares

Integrity must for all

I am a learner, not a preacher. I am not a talker all the time but also a listener. I am not a proposer but an implementer. I am not a boss but someone who believes in a leader within myself. I am also a person who walks the talk, not someone who can be bulldozed. I heard enough of gossipers and back biters. Let them bark. Nature has the truth to prevail. When a dog bark’s mountain may not fall down. Likewise, if my integrity is firm. It has no value. I know where I am heading?

It is so interesting to hear, learn, and observe people are talking too much effortlessly. To have respect and recognition from someone, one should be able to shoulder and take care of one’s own shoe at the first instant.  Having personal respect and integrity is most important than imparting value to others. In short, reducing one’s own ego. To raise up as, like others, if one is ambitious first learn to listen to others instead of expressing one’s reservation. 

I have observed many a time in a society we are living people fail to recognize their own footprint. But willing to showcase their intellect and wisdom as if they have enough experience. Given responsibility, they would even dismantle existing good practices. If asked to show their new mechanism again would provide no mechanism. I think the ability to judge others and speak is the easiest thing in the world that every one of us can do.

Features of integrity

I think before we point one finger to another, one should also remember that two-finger is pointing to you. Instead of emphasizing and pouring one’s own frustration, it better to settle the dust and begin a new set of journeys. Time heals everything and gets settle. People will know who is giving the best services. If people are wrong then god is there since god sees the truth but wait.

I have no double face to show. And my one face is also presentable as of now. I am ready to adjust to the society were living in. I am willing to sacrifice if it is an obstacle to anyone. I trust only god and god is there to guide. If we want to trust and value, first learn to abide by the code of conduct. People will follow you. I think without having a code of conduct within the self, it would be very tough to bring people as per one’s wishes.

Thank you

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