Will trust and value help or degenerate professional Integrity

We recognized trust and value play a crucial role in shaping the society we are living in. I wonder how can we trust a person who doesn’t have social integrity. This is not a question of trust alone but also defines s/he have no value at all if one fails to do repeatedly. How will we define trust and value together? It is intangible in nature. What we see is the tangible nature of the human beings which is completely indifference from one another.

I am at the crossroad to define trust and value together. That’s why I have posed the question, “Will trust and value help or degrade professional Integrity”? I am so curious to study and will observe to define. As of now I don’t think and believe that trust and value will go hand-in-hand. I opinioned to inculate the trust and value code of conduct is must at the initial stage of any beings. For instant, the first step for turning your dog into a hunting partner is to trained will at the initial stage with a code and conduct of hunting. So as one instructs and guides automatically dog gets to know events of hunting culture through adaptation with his master.

Similar to that trust and value do not come automatically to everyone only a few possess such knowledge and understanding. At the initial stage, there should be law and order, which automatically put us into a habitual work/behavior.

So to have trust and value I think the first natural call is to impose a code of conduct. If not things will get into a different world if we keep to go as it is or leave up to individual wishes and desires. It is evident from our interaction with countless human beings that one learns lots of lessons in one’s life. It is better to follow the code of conduct at first then to have trust and value through research and investigation.

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