Motivation: A note to reflect

I heard enough of motivation factors. How can we motivate someone? Is it motivation making people happy. How can one motivate others, if one is always frustrated and complaining all the time? To motivate someone, one should be also a leader, manager, listener, doer, learner, speaker, workaholic person, abide by a code of conduct, should possess the skill to convenience, solution maker, policy-maker, decision-maker, willing to cooperate, and so on.

Motivation to me is simply a desire to do something with my personal life, at work, in college, in sports, or in any hobbies. Having the motivation to do something helps me to achieve my big goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

I think knowing how to motivate myself only helps me to accomplish anything I set in my mind to, so let’s get to that next.

Most importantly, the first thing is we have to create a positive environment. To motivate me at the workplace, I look for a comfortable place. Setting a table and chair around in a way I wish is environment positive that provide some self-motivation to work. This lets me get into the right mindset, which is closer to motivating oneself.

Secondly, I appreciate and celebrate what I am doing. If I achieve and progress well with a small target also rejoice. It is essential to rejoice within oneself because big goals don’t achieve the right way. this wat I am goal-oriented and build up a habit of being more effective. Motivation requires dedication, effort, time, and energy to succeed in one’s lifetime.

Finally, surround yourself with motivated people. This goes back to the positive environment point. It is necessary to be around others who are just as ambitious as you. Being around the right kind of people can only help us to grow. If one surrounded by those who love your ambition, you’ll be more ambitious and achieve more. Be around those who help you feel comfortable being the ambitious, go-getter you are, so you can become the successful person you’re meant to be.

But if you’re surrounded by loved ones who tell you your goals/managements are stupid and tell you to change them, you need to avoid them. These people are real crooks in nature. They will share the experience of how to motivate by pointing out what someone is doing not a better way to motivate without thinking a second. Such people are too many and you will get within a few seconds. In the name of motivating you, they will share how frustrated they are with this and that, here and there, willing to point flaws in others instead of acknowledging the hard work put by someone.

To motivate oneself, be aware of people with whom you interact most of the time. What they are. You will also become like that in that company.

Remember: If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.

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