Life goes on!

Photo Courtesy: Karma Sonam Final Year Student, on international Women’s Day

I came into the world all by myself.

Are doomed to die alone

Because of the vagaries of both time and space, our future holds equal potential for happiness and suffering.

Life that goes on.

Continuity in joy and wealth is highly prized by me.

I attribute my unquenchable thirst to the many people who share same ambition.

The pursuit of tranquility and financial success is equally important to them.

Life that goes on.

Is there a way to put a price on joy?

Is a medium via which my mind communicates its ideas to the outside world.

I have boundless potential in terms of ideas and goals.

I have absolute certainty that my knowledge is the key to controlling it.

Life that goes on.

Because humans have a flexible, adaptable brain, we enjoy the highest quality of life on Earth.

We can learn to appreciate one another and coexist with the natural world because we share values and skills that can help us do so.

Life that goes on.

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