The biggest threat to social science fields’ long-term existence

Social Science disciplines

The importance of the arts and humanities transcends all generations. The humanities and arts teach us a great deal about the past and assist us in predicting the future. When did the value of social science in the twenty-first century become debatable? Understanding the past is necessary for any growth process based on facts and the truth. Without a past, we cannot just jump to technocrats’ talents. The roots of the discussed science and technology may lie in the social sciences. Scientists have spent decades doing research and experimental validation in the field of study. The creation of anything also relies on social science knowledge and skills.

When we consider the scientists, philosophers, intellectuals, and social thinkers of antiquity and the twentieth century, we find that the vast majority of them had a wide range of knowledge. Aristotle, for instance, is often cited as the progenitor of both biology and political science. Now that he has a more complete picture of the social world, which incorporates both natural and social sciences, his conception of reality has expanded greatly. Due to his extensive knowledge of the field, he was considered the “founding father” of sociology. His concepts, especially deduction and induction, had a significant impact on science, and he placed a premium on empirical study.

There are, in my view, no ways to discourage arts and humanities subjects. Social Scientists and social science disciplines are required for all organizations to continuously adapt their perspectives on social values and skills. Bhutan should instead focus and seek to cultivate the largest number of exceptional humanities and social scientists who are experts in the disciplines of culture, language, religion, and philosophy in order to maintain our national identity via these specialized professionals. This does not mean that I reject current educational innovations because they pose a threat to established modes of thought and behavior. Change is inevitable without endangering the humanities and social sciences due to the passage of time and advancements in science and technology.

Note: This column contains nothing but my honest and unfiltered thoughts and opinions.

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