What causes our lack of direction?

Lost Direction??

I’m curious as to where I’m headed. What I am sometimes doing. It affects my emotional state in life. The shift that is beneficial for the country has produced widespread terror among the Druk Yul populace. Did it make people believe it is normal and acceptable, or did it force them to feel the opposition has yet to be defined correctly? It demotivated many public workers, corporate workforces, and private sectors, as opposed to motivating them. Numerous organizations and people lost their sense of direction. There is no definitive option for moving ahead.

It has caused enough grief and suffering for the majority of humans whose afterlife is unclear. Frustration, demotivation, despair, and a lack of confidence in the future prospects of one’s life cause individuals to hurry to Australia and other countries.

As a result of the elimination of arts and humanities programs at the Royal University of Bhutan. Numerous kids who aim to graduate and become somebody’s destiny have vanished forever. Thousands of young people’s futures were uncertain. Sons and daughters of impoverished farmers have little choice but to remain in the hamlet after completing grade twelve. Nonetheless, some kids whose parents can afford it will study overseas, and others may choose Australia, which is the dream of every Bhutanese. Additionally, many of students will choose to study at Indian universities/colleges, causing another currency problem in the country.

I’ve heard enough hyperbole on the relevance of culture. Nonetheless, this reform/transformation has rendered the only icon culture college in Bhutan aimless. For a tiny country like ours, culture and tradition have been crucial in forging national sovereignty during the last century. In order to generate policymakers, researchers, intellectuals, educators, historians, philosophers, etc., social science is needed. It is unreplaceable by technocrats and skilled laborers. I believe there are other ways to rid a nation of corruption, nepotism, and favoritism and reform it without compromising morals.

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