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My care will be in the heart, not in words. My anger will be in words not in heart!

Individual difference but same Vision

Most of time, individuals misinterpret what is an objective of the messages we utter.They never pick up a clear message. Therefore, miscommunication develops between and among the people around, when they take just a subjective over an objective message.

Sometime, we talk good or unhealthy about people deliberately or unconsciously. One thing we should consider nothing a secret propaganda but for the larger interest.  Sometime out of frustration and emotion, some may also talk and comment here and there. In that situation use your wisdom to analyse, do not consider a grudge, hated and resentment against you or others. 

Back in mind, their intention is to associate and work closely as to achieve our set target and to make proud of what we are doing. We are a human being; we understand a situation; we can think and analyze whether it is good or bad. In shouldering role and responsibility, we experience in observing like some going smoothly, in a rare occasion the expected turn to be unpredictable, and disagreement may welcome immediately. Sometime, circumstance demands to command, make the comment, and play the role that most dislike.  Thus, I feel worthy to share this message of mine: “My care will be in the heart, not in words. My anger will be in words not in heart!”. 

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