My service is free of charge

What stimulates me to do self-introspection? I always think a person without a mistake is nowhere. Self-introspection is a must for an individual. It is true. We learn through mistakes.

I have a couple of reasons why I have to be vigilant. Most of the time I do work continuously and should respond with utmost dedication. So in the meantime and in the process, not only mistakes may over-step in others’ shoes. To correct that error I should reflect time and again.

I welcome only constructive feedback and criticism, not personal attacks and jealousy. If you are jealous of my work then come and take my chair and role. I would love to step down for your happiness as well as will assure you of my full cooperation.

To critics and opponents who are not happy with what I am doing. Whatever I am doing is free of charge. I do not demand any sort of benefit from the organization. I do not need a certificate and recognition from anyone for my work. These people instead of criticizing calculate the habit of giving 100% effort to work decently.

Showing your ego and personal indifference would only create problems in the fulfillment of the institution’s vision. If any individual is not working to fulfill the vision and interest of an institution, the purpose of their recruitment is defeated.

In an institution where one is working, one should not give importance to oneself. It will hurt oneself because nobody will understand one’s potential until and unless one comes forward.

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