Tiring schedule, tiring life

Every day I travel to and fro. Every time I am busy with work. I travel every morning to the office and every evening to home. Every morning and evening I have a schedule for prayer. That lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours. My schedule is continuous for a day. By the end of the day, I felt tired and restless. But nobody is to blame. It is my role and responsibility to shoulder.

Tired with work

I observed the work of people differs from one another. Some, do not have time to stand and stare. Some have time to gossip, insult, criticize, and play. Some just pretend to do work along with the colleagues. Some are just feet into the system without any effort and achievement. Life is not fair. Life is just like that. Not fair at all.

I work hard. I have a principle belief that if an individual fails to work hard and benefit the organization only purpose of recruitment is lost. This principle guides me every day. I have no say to what others are thinking. But observed that people think that one’s they got job means everything is fulfilled. These people’s attitudes are quite worried for me. I do not believe in the principle of one’s good but for the achievement and fulfilling of institutional goals. That’s why I work hard not only to shoulder duty but never said no to any work assigned to me.

If an institution is to progress. I think we don’t need intellectual people. we need good human being that willing to transform themselves first. We don’t need a preacher and debater. We need someone who comes forward to help and cooperate with each other. we don’t need an opponent to oppose and criticize someone. But we need someone who is willing to get along to achieve institutional goals without personal prejudice.

I do not believe in people whose intelligence is beyond my idea and belief. Because these people will talk more and will work less or not at all. They have good reason to justify and prove they are right. If I wait for such right view I would fail miserably in my duty. Because they do not have a solution. They only have point-to-point-fingers to others’ work. Things will never improve if we listen to intellectual people’s innovation and wisdom. It is better to work according to the institutional norms.

That’s why I am tired of schedule, and life is tiring.

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