Leadership Skills is must for the Leaders’

There could be many definitions and meanings of a leader. To me, a leader is one who can lead and make a firm decision. As a leader, brainstorming, rethinking, re-strategizing, critical thinking, and analysis is more important. A leader needs the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make a tough decision, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.

The different types of leaders are; democratic, autocratic laissez-faire, strategic, transformational, transactional,  coach-style, and bureaucratic. In my opinion, suitable for leadership might differ from place to place or organizations/institutions. The main principles of the leader are to optimize the effectiveness of their position of power.

I think given preference to chose leader, many would opt for a leader who was trustworthy,  articulates purpose and goals, knowledgable, trust their peoples’ expertise, set example, take responsibility and take responsibility for one’s actions, and make sound and timely decision. A leader should;

    • Pay your people what they are worth
    • Provide them with a pleasant place to work
    • Offer opportunities for self-development
    • Foster collaboration within the team
    • Encourage happiness
    • Don’t punish failure
    • Set clear goals
    • Don’t micromanage
    •  Avoid useless meetings

Therefore, being a leader has lots of thing to analysis before one take every decision. One cannot make everyone happy and enthusiastic. Ther are someone who always say’s something. There is someone who wishes to brainwash and form a group to oppose.  There is someone who likes to be in a team and work. The challenges of leaders are to analyze and act according to fulfill the long-run goal and exercise the position of power. Thus, to be a leader, leadership skill is necessary for everyone.

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