Shall we sit and dream, or shall we work hard and reap the benefits?

Dream it, Wish it and Do it

I wonder time and again are we doing enough work. Are we listening enough to pick up what is told to do. Are we doing task according to what we are dreaming and aspiring to carry out now and in the future. This opinion has offered me constantly in awaking mood.

On reflecting myself, in days gone by I grieve a lot for wasting 50% of life and strength that forms no fruit during the era of student-college days. Though, regret is there but no power to shoot back same clock to reinvest anymore. As a pupil I felt to realize and believe that every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity. Now, understood that neglecting to plan ahead is another prejudice in our life. Still then, if we work hard, then not only every challenge that we faced with can be changed into an opportunity.

I believe that now, time has arrived for me to continue on my own feet to achieve as equals with other and to succeed through my own hard work and sweat, on my own terms and merit.

If we pick up the challenge, change our mindset, our way of working and think big and work hard, then we have greater opportunities than ever before. As someone once said, “if not now, then when? If not us, then who? If not for these reasons, then for what?”

Accordingly, we require to place our personal ambition and hopes, likewise desire to adopt our aspirations to fulfill them. For that we need to have a big dreams and big hopes for our personal development.So, awake arise and investigate within self  “Shall I sit and dream, or shall I work hard and reap the benefits?”

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