No Plan to Join Politic as of now!

As I post and comment on political development on social media, some people got curious. That wonder me a lot, about how observative are they. Their observation somehow is a right judgment that I am interested in politics. But I never plan and throw myself into a political debut in the future. I won’t be a potential candidate.  Having given my thoughtful consideration to the matter, I have concluded that in the present circumstance and consistent with my dignity, I can best sub-serve larger national causes outside the party fold. 

Though politics is in my mind, to contest as a candidate is never a choice but would be an active political observer and a voter. I would be the vocal person to highlight the plight of development activities undertaken by our elected leader through blogs and social media sometimes if I see and am confident that something is going wrong. I will also blog about good activities and progress undertaken or initiated to benefit the communities of Kheng-Rig-Nam. I believed that social media is not only a platform to educate and create awareness of development activities but also to keep its voters informed about their transparency and accountability. Through social media we get the right information regarding road updates to start the journey, the progress of ongoing developmental activities, plans materialized or not, and so on. I think media is the fourth pillar of democracy and guarantee by the constitution of Bhutan article 7 Fundamental Rights section 2 ‘A Bhutanese citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech, opinion, and expression’; section 3 ‘A Bhutanese citizens shall have the right information; and section 5, ‘there shall be freedom of press, radio and television and other forms of dissemination and other forms of information, including electronics’.

I think joining politic is not my choice in this lifetime. My right choices would be to become a political analyst through research; finding, investigation, inquiry, experimenting, testing, exploration, analysis, fact-finding, examination, probing, groundwork, and studies of political development or situation of that particular area. By being a political analyst I wish to understand, behavior, opinions, attitudes, trends and patterns, that influence one’s personal, social, community, and global issues. On understanding that it will give me a intellectual satisfaction, meaningful and long-lasting contributions, solving unsolved problems, and attain higher level of understanding.

My personality to be a politician does suit with current practice. I am straightforward and honest person as of now. Joining politics would become me someone of not my status. If I join politic I will work and take risk to serve constituency by upholding the articles 8 of Constitution section 9, states that ‘every person shall have the duty to uphold justice and to act against corruption’. I won’t tolerate policy corruption, basis of political mileage or personal relation to gear up support for a re-election. Keeping eye and ear open is my habit turning deaf ear without accountability and transparency is not my choice. So my own honest personality will turn into adversary at some point. I think my principle of staunch patriotisms, hardcore honesty, and humanity would be  great challenge. since everyone  only like to be patriotisms through looking public coffer and serving oneself after election. 

I come from humble background. No one from family earned a title of dasho, and other higher post in the government and other organizations as a Medhey Gorthrip. So I don’t have to claim for that trademark to serve Tsa-Wai-Sum. Wherever and what I am doing if I contribute without a corruption and nepotism, itself is a great achievement. If I join politics I would prefer to be voice of people with ‘walk the talk’ not with elect and forget. Therefore, I never plan and wish as of now to join politic despite of some party approach me to be their coordinator.

Keep reading and update !

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