It is all due to blessing of Root Guru!

Hard work Rewarded
Hard work Rewarded

Whatever, I do and achieve, it is the blessing of the root guru. I am indebted to you. I always pray, may you continue to bless me more in the future too. This achievement of P1 (Grade 4) position level is itself is a great success bestowed upon by handwork and blessing of my Tsa-Wai-Lama (Root teacher). Because many takes approximately 13-18 years to reach this stage of position level.  I reach within a 8 years of services to nation. I remember the last conversation consulting and seeking what to do next. “Try your best. If it is time”. These remarks gave me the confidence to move forward in achieving this reward today. I participated. I observed. I did whatever with clear consciousness. Despite hardship, I never stop watering that plant to grow well and I succeeded at last.

I have strong determination in life to achieve what I wish. Because I believe that “no one can destroy iron, but its rust can. Likewise, no one can destroy a person, but his own mindset can”. I was new to lead BA in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies in 2019. From the day I, I was blessed to have the guidance, support, and blessing of colleagues and management. I will always cherish working with different attitudes, thought’s, and mindsets people around for making a center of learning, innovation, and culture, which give me a platform to understand the environment. Despite my short-circuit, I always stressed ‘what people think about me is not important. What I think about myself means everything’. I sometimes tried carefully to understand situations and not to blindly follow the messes. I am hurt several times. I regretted on many occasions being a manager to lead a program at the tertiary education level. Still then, I have been a public servant and will continue to be one.

My goal in life is not to get into the game of getting the chair and prestige but to contribute to society. That’s the reason for being the eye and ears of everyone to get their feedback. There is no reason to be afraid or worried I will work as a discipline soldier. I am there and so everyone is. Let’s work together. My achievement is your achievement. My success is our success. I won’t be a follower of a famous celebrity who doesn’t even know me. I will be a follower of my guru, who is always with me in every situation.

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