Where is one’s moral responsibility?

I need to change and trying best. Similarly, encountered so many people whose mindsets need to change. Sometimes I think maybe speaking with an inebriated stage. In my case, I do not explain much to people. I know the explanation is waste of time, people only want to hear what they want to hear and so act according to their mood/situation.

I am shocked. I am still searching for an answer to somebody’s remarks. The only answer after five days someone’s remark to me is; such person thinks that doing duty for others is not their fundamental responsibility. Such people have no ngar, the strength to work at all. I am surprised to learn that giving service is like supporting without remuneration at the end of the month. How can we move further? How long we are going to expedite work based on personal favor? Our King doesn’t want that to happen. But it is rampant in any institute or organisation.  Aren’t they thinking at least doing duty is serving yourself? This is a blatant situation. Reflecting on remarks I am ashamed to hear it, always looking to point and react instead of responding. It is better to resign and find a post somewhere they think will work; when people leave, it’s because some else is about to arrive. We may have best or worse it is secondary, whoever comes to, need to provide a service according to the service rule.

Some people ignore resolution, thinking that it does not have any personal benefit/impact. I have observed if they have any personal merits everyone is trying to prove. I did that. We are doing. I taught it. Sometimes agree to the point who’s having more weightage for personal gain is ruining any type of organization, if I am not mistaken.

Sometimes, a small thing one did was get recognized despite someone’s hard work for a long period without publicity. I think now getting the blame for doing is rampant in our society. If we are not working, then also someone is there to point. Some organizations already started to recognize those who can afford to please a manager, through the personal bond, are able to get along with the manager and are able to play institutional politics.  The irony is those who work hard for the institutional long-run were pushed back and misunderstood. How can we develop/step forward, if so? This is how our ngar, the strength to work are declining year by year. Thank god! The enlightened and visionary leader, His Majesty revealed it on 114th National Day, which is true.

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