Does loyalty and integrity (Tha Damtse) and Corruption (Ngen-lay) go hand-in-hand?

Where are we going right and wrong is a question nowadays? I heard enough of loyalty and corruption conversation. Nobody feels safe in the system. One who does right is always targeted by the beneficiary of the wrongdoers. That is the philosophy of life where crooks remain and those who work honestly are victims of the system. Sometimes I view corruption and loyalty go-hand-hand.  In the name of accountability and transparency, could sense policy corruption to achieve or benefit few, falsification of documents without verification, embezzlement of the fund, nepotism, and favoritism in the decision-making process. Then why we are talking about loyalty and integrity always, if loyalty and corruption go hand-in-hand? Are we trying only best to extract something from government coffer in the name of serving king, people, and country (Tsa-wa-Sum).

His Majesty’s vision of the free from corruption and strength (ngar) to work free from fear and bias is not achievable if we continue with the same spirit of the present system of work style.  Over time whether a person holds the highest post to lower position, I heard enough of loyalty and corruption conversation. What is the use of talking? We are only talking ways and means to give burden to government coffers through indulging in unscrupulous business.

I don’t like the hypocrites claiming to uphold loyalty and integrity and indulging in corrupt practices. Corruption could be policy, moral or financial. And the ghostly shocking is the showing off of being religious. Don’t mix religious and professional workplace. It will only do more harm than an advantage towards the progress of the society we are living. If we see anyone doing corruption report to authority and relevant agency to fix the accountability. If authority is not doing anything by taking action means authority is legally corrupted and will not benefit any organization that he/she heads. His Majesty’s time and again reminded us to act upon it, again HM reiterated in 114th National Day, commanding us to name and ashamed those corrupts people and fix accountable. Why are we not doing it? I heard some heads always translating His Majesty’s speech to his subordinates. I would say no need to translate and simply. Everyone got same message and information on same day, same times, and same understanding. There is no use of wasting times as if authority heard only. My suggestion, would be simply act upon royal command instantly towards a progressive organization and society we are living. 

Remember, in no way loyalty and corruption can go together. Corruption is the root evil of any devastation that is hounding every sphere of life and progress.

Keep update and make your suggestion.

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