The cruelty of human nature

I am not surprised and shocked. It is expected. I know you will do. For you misbehaving is an instinct from the day you are born. I congratulate and appreciate it a lot. More appreciation for taking this bold action. You are an undisputed hero. I shall never discount your contribution that mad her emotional distress and hurt throughout a life.

For you, there is no karma. You are a hero. Wanted to recognized by the king of death for your contribution and sacrifice made in this lifetime. We will count the numbers and days to congratulate. But regret to inform you that I will not attend your award ceremony. I have a different path to follow. I believe and trust Ken-cho-sum not your basic principle of momentary.

I only regret being encounter and associate with you in this lifetime. You are such a hero that should be highly respected by the king of death. Sure your time will come soon. That day would be the most pleasant and joyous moment in your lifetime. Because at present you did a great humanity service-based on the principle of humanity.

But I would regret it a lot when you are awarded a reward after death. Since I am won’t be there to celebrate together. I am afraid of that moment and will always try my best to never visit such a realm. Good luck! Today you are the winner. Time will come to reward your service to humanity. So be prepare and all the best!

Thank you

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