Will only feel indifference

A result of indifference

Be encouraged to learn every moment of life. Whatever we are studying will be within us. Nobody can take skill and knowledge. If somebody prefers to grasp the talent, one possesses then one need to learn wholeheartedly. Sometimes even after it is well informed, they may not gain a real understanding of values and skill. For that, one need to keep continually reflecting and learning without a boundary by clearing doubts and enquiring repeatedly.

In the past, pupils learn by searching for a great teacher. They spent weeks and months, sometimes years to reach the destination of their teacher. Most of the people whom we interacted said in the past pupils themselves take great enthusiasm to gain knowledge and understanding of the subject. As a result, they became experts in the subject. On reflecting by now felt could have done that long ago but too late to realise it. We should now take every possibility to learn by consulting expertise and also always willing to listen and implement after dynamic analysis.

Sometime people might mistake us, and we are a self-centred, power-hungry and selfish man. Let them think like that by staying silent. We only need to walk continuously to upgrade and advanced existing knowledge through reading books, on lines news, and listening talks, i.e., historical, philosophical, political, and so on.

Our wisdom should harm no one. Our understanding is to encourage everyone. Our knowledge is to reflect and make aware of things that need to be doable, however, on lacking articulation skills to convey this message. Being a straightforward and bluntness are issues that misunderstand our stand, and people get hurt. So they feel indifference to us. Before making any judgment, take a few minutes to reflect whether it is good or bad to put our perception.

Even if they think wrong, we should not feel sad because they can only feel our indifference, not the art of taking responsibility.

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