No time to Waste

Sangay Phuntsho Ozer
Man in action

We are born to work. We are humbled by nature. We love peace and harmony. But the question is are we looking for that. No, our attitude is otherwise. We desire happiness but we create an unhealthy environment. We blame each other  for doing a work. People today appreciate less and show’s a double face.That’s unhealthy. Some are in pendulum to swing every time. But now I have no time to listen to such people. It is a complete waste of time. I will do work that is good for the long-run. No personal gain is required. I am paid to shoulder that role.

I have listened to people all the time. I heard lots of information that are good as well as unpleasant. I never react fast at the initial stage of first, second, and third. My reaction just comes only after the fourth repeated opposition. Now, it is enough. Enough is enough. I have no space to hold anymore. But let’s make one clarity, I welcome individual indifference, opinion, and freedom to express since everyone is entitled. Nobody should think we don’t have morality to do these and that. Our role is to provide service, do that, and fulfill that. Nobody will harm anyone until one is proved wrong by law.

In my opinion, one should not pour frustration by failing to fulfill one’s personal goal and position. We have time. Our time will come. Wait and grasp that opportunity. Don’t tell anyone you have no moral authority. It only proves that one has lots of egos. Reduce one’s ego and work accordingly. Reward and the next opportunity is waiting. And also reduce negativity from one’s heart. Share positive things instead of negative expressions and brainwashing others through opinion.

To me time is precious. Life is short. One life is not enough. I have lots of work to do in this precious human life. I don’t know whether I will rebirth as human or not. Because in our tradition we consider human life precious since we can do many good things. Every day, I remind myself life is shortening day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, and year-by-year. So every hour and day is most important. Be a positive person and be happy. We have no time to waste anymore!

Thank you!


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