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Life is an countless journey. We never know what could be our next destination. So be a person you are not a one that change after sometime. Destiny of life is very different. It keeps on changing. Cycle of life is rotating around axis of its orbit.

If we reflect back. We would realise many things change within a short span of duration. But in the course of time, we never think our life shortening day-by-day. We only think time is moving. It is not a time that is moving. It is journey of life that is shortening in reality. But we keep on blaming time and circumstance, if things are not working according to our will. That’s  is wrong decision. We have to be careful and wait for good luck. Everyday is not friday, every hour is not 3:00 pm, likewise year and month never remain same. So our time is there. Nothing to hurry up.

I am sure experience  in our life might differ from individual-to-individual. Some might have lost journey. Some might have regain energy and learn lesson. Through our experience, we need to take a lesson of failure and success. Never give up! Keep hoping for best of best. Everyone has there share of fortune in life. Only thing is we have to grasp that opportunity. Take positive thought and action to climb up in life. We never know what would be our next luck in life. God is always there to blessed us!

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