I Will Do My Best

It is so enriching to be together and learn together. I love to interact with colleagues. I am straightforward. Everyone knows that. That’s how I work tirelessly and dedicate myself to do my best.
However, it is so disgusting to learn some people are taking advantage of friendliness. I could understand double representation and politics in the workplace. Enough is enough of comment and opposition. Whatever, I propose and work, some are not happy with what I am doing. Could be feeling insecure when I am doing my best.
To be frank, I possess no wisdom and highly intellectual. Still then, I feel, I can represent well and manage well in the current position. No, I don’t need advisor and outsider to say this and that. I may welcome a professional critic but will not tolerate backbite and sarcasm. That’s not a way to work together. It will pose a serious threat to a personal relationship and a bad working environment. I don’t need praise and comment. We are expected to work professionally and put our integrity not a personal matter first in an academic forum.
If we are to succeed, a good attitude is required. Theoretical skill is not required. Idealistic vision and critic are not required. Brainwashing and influencing friends is not required. We required cooperation, and helpful suggestions not a double face, which changes after a few hours on a conversation with different people. In the long run, it will only lose one’s integrity, a professional ethic, and punctuality in the workplace. We don’t need a person who respects oneself. Don’t act as if one poses a good skill to be a manager. We know who is doing the best. Who is just talking for self-benefit?
To date, I said nothing but someone is making me tough. I shall remain as positive as possible as I can. Correct me If I am going wrong. Where did I go wrong? How we can work closely in achieving a vision of an organization. I have no hard feelings for anybody. But let’s stop opposing if one is benefited from misgovernance. It is well said that ‘those who are benefited from misgovernance will always oppose the initiative’.

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