A good conversation with my friend

We have been a friend since 2008 and still, we are. Every time I talk, listen, and do conversation, new sets of reminder is always there.  I love to hear that voice. I feel I need to do that. He reminds me repeatedly that half of life is over if we look back and reflect.

So his voices still echo in my mind. This is time high time to recite the mantra and focus on practicing Buddha dharma. ལྟོ་ཚང་! now manage your time. Death will not escape you being a lecturer, businessmen, farmer, dasho, teacher, and so on.  Death will escape no one. I should prepare for death. Because when we are near death no friend is possible to help and support us, unlike we are enjoying the company right now. He reminds me of that true friend is Buddha dharma, not anyone else. The only way to feel confident of death is through practicing and visualizing what I gain from and received from the root teacher (རྩ་བའི་བླ་མ).

While responding to the question, how can I coup-up with the situation? He said what is the connection between them and us? It is linked through the mind. We have to feel free of thought, let the mind control our emotions slowly, and calm down. Think if we are to give focus on the situation and observe it; it is a waste of time. It is better not to link our minds with that situation and focus on what is good for us within this limited time.

I have no hope and aspiration to become a renowned individual in life. Whatever I am doing will be to serve what I can do well. Name and fame is not my dharma. Well, to serve wherever possible is my dharma. As my friend suggested, it is always good to treat everyone equally, strict to our own work, and manage one’s own time to achieve a set target. Bothering and talking about others poses no value at the end. Thank you, dear friend. I am so fortunate to have a great friend like you. You are my friend who walks the talk.  May God blessed you!

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