I think prayers should answer now!

Sky is limit but wisdom never ends

I think the time has arrived now. It has been so long that I encounter many life-threatening events. I pray to Khen-cho-sum now and then, your justice must be shown by now. As quoted by an old man in last March that “my hardship has now over. You should be fine. Your Ken-dang-barchg-sel-nu i.e., your obstacle and hardship have ended. Your fortune has arrived”. His voice echo’s in my ear now and then. I wish he was a god who could foretell my future.

Life has to go uncertain. We cannot predict what could be the next journey/destiny. I believe in the faith of the triple gem. I pray every day; may peace and prosperity prevail in the world; may clouds of obstacle disappear like dust mood in dewdrop with the rise of early sun; may all the sentient beings rejoice with sound health; may my family members, friends, enemies and whoever I am connected rejoice peace and harmony. This is my wish. These are my prayers and mantras every day.

In life, we don’t need clouds of sorrow and illness. We want to harvest only peace and harmony. But just thinking will never answer our call. We need to be positive. Our reaction will not work. only wisdom from the inner heart can resolve conflict. Prayers are a must for rejoice! But we must remember this great Buddhist saying;

  • You are your own master,
  • You are your own enemy,
  • Doing goods or evil work,
  • You are your own witness.
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