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Academic timing of CLCS Likely to introduce shift system

The College of language and culture studies (CLCS) academic schedule is likely to go back to the shift system after the college implements the one-go system in the fall semester of 2021. The main objective of introducing one-go timing was purposefully to achieve the maximum utilization of the college resources and to carry out academic orientated curricular activities after the classes are over by the early 4: pm. Moreover, with the phasing out BA in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies (BHS) programme and a decrease in in-take numbers of BA in language and literature (BLL) students, there are enough spaces in the classroom to implement a one-go timing. Also thought that convenient for the both administrative and students in ensuring the health of the academic quality.

However, the students’ leader has approached the Dean of Students Affairs (DSA), and the college president repeatedly shared their grievances. They shared their experience of one-go timing’s disadvantage over the shift system that has been practiced over the years. Firstly, they argued that the purpose of the maximum utilization of the college resources (library and Lab) is not achieved. Secondly, academically orientated activities and other curriculum activities after the one-go classes are tiring. Thirdly, walking up and down twice a day is not only tiring but also could not concentrate during class hours due to the long distance between the hostel and the academic zone. Moreover, due to the unpredictable climate and summer seasons approaching it became difficult for the students to walk long distances for a lunch. It resulted in students taking lunch from the nearby restaurant for those who afford it and those who do not afford to stay inside a classroom. Finally, they reason out that if the shift system is introduced back students not only representative are convenient to carry out their duty without stress and concentrate on their studies but also to carry out any programs/activities without affecting the schedule timing.

On this matter, the college president is likely to call a general meeting to seek consensus from the teaching staff once again by end of this week, on whether to go implement a shift system or one go. The meeting will end with a bond fire and serving dinner to the staff.


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