Academics deserve Teaching Allowance

Thank you! Royal Government of Bhutan for introducing a teaching allowance for the teachers in the country. I hope and feel that this noble profession deserves its highest recognition in the society where we are living. If a nation moves forward, academic institutions need to take care by the government now and then. It is through the schools, institutions and college/university everyone learns and aspires to serve the nation, so academic institutions deserve highest-priority among all the ministry.

Under the dynamic leadership of PM Dr. Lotey Tshering has taken a bold decision to ensure and attract the right person to serve right profession. I applaud his endorsement and felt such a move was not for the sake of doing but to transform the education system.

However, critics argue that monetizing the educational reforms will work no longer. How can you tell result before policy are placed? This monetization reform need to implement and tested before institutional reform is implemented. The only way we can see the changes in our system is provide incentive then see a result. I am confident that with the introduction of attractive incentives for an academics, mindset and attitudes would be different from what they are presume till date.

Next step, with the monetizing of academics, the government also need to rethink and re-look for the institutional reforms. This institutional reform would automatically enrich competent and meritorious academics career in long-run. I hope it would benefit to nation in providing a better and quality education that everyone wishes and aspire. There would be no question of declining of education quality. People were of opinioned that only those individual who has not quality to higher studies and RCSE opted for teaching profession.

Have you ever questioned, why this trends is continuing for a long time now? If you ask anyone definitely answer would be opportunities unlike rest of civil servants academics always rely on monthly income. I thank DNT government for taking this bold decision. Because if nation is to success education sector should recruit right person at right place through incentives.

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