Let the dog bark. The mountain will not fall

Say no to lie

We have to be careful of every step we take to and fro. If we are not mindful, we will step in other’s shoes, which may distort harmony we enjoy to date. I have a habit of speaking openly. I am extrovert in character. I become so blunt at any time if things need to be done is not achieved. I share what I feel without filtering. However, I stick to the principle of no favoritism, nepotism, and collusion. Also, I am not a liar who pretends to be a genius in all the disciplines. I do duty as required by the norms of the organization I am working.  Another defect is that I do not know how to woo and win the hearts of students and colleagues.  

If I am to be known, I should be known for honesty at work. However, I feel there is nobody to appreciate only people around could be saying what I am not suitable for and how tough I am. I have seen individual with two faces like a coin. This double face individual is more of pretending to work. In reality, their motives for working here are indifference to the organization’s vision and mission.

In life, we all encounter various types of people around us: some introvert, some extrovert, some humble, some rough and tough. Whatever types of people we have seen. We should not fear them. We should be leading our journey and dedicate our services to whatever we can do. If we fear, it will just hurt you. It will let us lose our track. We should listen no more and give dam to this demon spirit. There arrogant will hurt themselves one day, we need to watch closely.

It is just like a ‘when the dog bark, the mountain will not fall’. Mountain will not fall, it is naturally set with a necessary foundation of rocks. However, an individual who breaks the law of nation to regulation of organization will be punished with passage of time. There lie will be exposed, as old rhymes say “lie has no leg to stand”. Whether they share fact or fake who care, one expose mean done forever. It is too late to regret. It will take thousands of days and hours to rebuild their reputation. It is how when ego meets rock and iron the individual is loser.

So we need to change the attitude and behavior in a society we are living in. No one is good, or bad only ego and attitude make that difference. Sometimes we need to take care even small things to avoid greater harm at later stage.

This is free thought — nothing against the wheel of individuals around.

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