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My blog write not to become a famous

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I have had known many young youths and adults aspiring to make themselves popular via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wechat, Wat apps and through blog (word-press, Blog spot, etc…). To be frank, I have no aspiration to become well known or famous through writing blogs and Facebook posts. It is my wishes and desire to create an icon of my name in website so I can just write what I feel to jot as when required.

With this intention, I have been blogger since 2014 on wards for the first time using a free version of blog and free However, later my idea of using free version became worthless realising that I do not have full authority and jurisdiction. So, on December 23, 2018, I opted to buy the domain and created I used it for a few months only because of technical error I could not operate in that domain.

It was on May 2019 again I brought another domain from Druk Host on paying Nu. 2800/- amount and created The main aim of my blog is to write what I feel and not mean to become famous and well known to the public. I thought in this digital world, sometimes better to explore how I can feel having a domain of my own. To see whether it has some psychological implications within? Though I cannot write what I feel most of time but I am satisfied to have my domain. Having our domain could always have a time to post and update later whenever I feel to express and share perspective. Comparing to other social media sites, it has more pros than cons. If anyone wants to try your best to own your own account of domain, buy and express your opinions.

Come 2020, I am confident that I can write more than what I couldn’t do in 2019. Most of ‘my say’, ‘my opinion’, ‘my perspective’, and ‘my thought’ would be definitely known to all the readers. Thank you, dear readers, and keep on updating.

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