How to avoid criticism?

Sometimes it is good to question oneself. Am I a person who criticised someone? Do I accept criticism? Where am I going wrong, are they telling a truth or base on hearsay or just to provoke? If we look into the term criticism what it really means, a dictionary defines the expression of disapproval of someone or something because of perceived faults or mistakes. Now question is, how can we avoid criticism?

I think criticism is an unavoidable circumstance in the workplace to everyday life. It is there for now and then. We talk good, bad; we praise, gossip, and murmur about someone every day knowingly or unknowingly. So no person escapes from the critics. To escape criticism, we can do nothing. An ancient philosopher Aristotle was of viewed that the only way to avoid criticism: ‘do nothing, say nothing and be nothing’. Course for a moment we can avoid by being a silent, as stated. But how far we will stay do nothing, say nothing and be nothing? By staying ideal, it is the waste of time and energy if we look in terms of resources. To avoid criticism among colleagues in the workplace, there are some means and methods;

  1. Understanding the ground reality of critics is the must as an individual we are prone to mistake. We are not right all the times. It sometimes requires listening to the ground reality of critics. What is actual cause? Why it is not acceptable or hurting their sentient. Is it his/her personal perspective or expression of masses? With that we need to address accordingly.
  2. Working according to a rule of law is necessary in the workplace. In the workplace, we need to clarify the questions if it does not satisfy them with the decision of management and action taken or for bending the certain rules for the individuals excuses.
  3. Keep ears open, sometimes rumour talk, would be sarcastic to target us. Especially if one is leader need to pay due attention whether it is good or bad for the organisation.
  4. Work in line with principles of integrity and honesty in the workplace would gain immense truth and faith. We need to avoid talk session instance ‘walk the talk’ or put the action of what we talk into practicality. Although there would be some individual who would continue to criticize but if one has principles of integrity and honesty, nothing could damage.
  5. Seek timely constructive feedback and collaborate in deciding, assigning team work, implementing new rules and regulations in the workplace. Beside that, we need be fair in our action and reward without prejudice.

There are many methods and ways to avoid criticism. These are few points that I feel to get rid out of the criticism in the workplace. To be frank, I am criticised for many reasons. Though I listen to their feedback and put into action, also they continue to say. This shows that there is no win-win situation. Whatever they tell let them speak out loud and make a noise. If it is constructive and above individual benefits critic’s perspective would gain trust. Therefore, critics saying something, doing nothing and always looking for benefits is showing a sign of degeneration world.

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