Lesson to learn from the Past

No one is good. Everyone learns through a mistake. Taking a lesson from a mistake is the best thing in one’s life. In a life we can move up and down, after reaching a climax of destination also we may fall down. Sometime we lost in ego and pride of being vocal without looking for the pros and cons. That’s what happen in the workplace.

I am also one among a vocal and critic in the workplace. If things come into my mind definitely, I would speak out without a hesitation, no filter at all. Now taking into a note my experience, I felt guilty of speaking out openly. Because some does not merit to be speak out in mass, some just need to inform in person, some confidential, some personal and not at all relevant. This is what I felt on reflecting my journey of five years of services.

Taking into account past lesson itself is a lesson to draw one’s attention to direct future ahead. It teaches us a lesson to be sensible and mindful human beings. On other hand, it reflects one’s willingness or adoption to change; increase capacity to think beyond the four wall; seeking a right path step-by-step and listening to constructive feedback.

Now I feel instead of being speaking openly, I felt a need to pay due attention and work accordingly in our own capacity. I will also adopt to handle task in a way that is expected. Many times I think my opinions could have hurt instead of goodness. Hereon, I promise I need to be mindful in speaking openly that distort relationships and working environments. Will always remain humble, faithful, and abided by a principle of integrity. 

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