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The society we are living

I wonder now and then the society we are living. We have time to talk and gossip, but we have no time to do good work. We have time to tell busy and go for a drive, party, karaoke, drayang, the night party, etc. If go to any office, many pretend to be busy in their work. But in reality, they have time to bask in the sun in a group and start a talk.

We seek help. Only like-minded people will turn up. Most of the colleagues will ignore us. If we seek help in the name of manager or chief executive officer, then everybody were ready to make their present at least. This concludes that we are looking for the benefit rather than showing sympathy and empathy. This can also be termed as misplace compassion.

If we work hard and work according to the rule of law. What colleagues and people around will say? Definitely he/she will be targeted for being a strict and accused for mistreating, humiliating, term as chamcha, say not fit to hold position and so on.  Nobody cares whether a person is serving with utmost dedication. Who is putting a hundred percent effort? Irony is that in an organisation we can also see a person who do not deserve always get offer/opportunity to travel here and there. This show manager is not vigilant what is happening.

The way forward would be; manager need to be vigilant; recognised/acknowledge people who serve with utmost dedication; management need to establish systematic procedure to resolve issues priority basis; and pay attention to the grievance of employees instantly. Otherwise, the society we are living would be in chaotic blaming here and there without a conclusion.

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