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Where is a Happiness?

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We are a human being. We look for happiness. But have you ever question where does happiness comes from? When do we feel happy in a day? How can we achieve happiness? However, some argue that happiness lies in the hand of an individual. How far is it true is yet to experience? In life experiences gives us true natural essence of suffering and worldly affairs.

Happiness is a key and goal of every human. It is a fundamental right of every human being to stay happy. Sometime we often mistaken of looking happiness outside. Yes, there are some extenuating circumstances where we look for an alternative. That’s a rare case. 

To explore and experience happiness, we do lots of training and workshops. How many think such events would improve to change the mindset. We have a predestined goal and wish to be happy. We are more often driven by material wellbeing. One among one hundred would focus on spiritual wellbeing, which is a gateway to happiness.  Happiness is within our mind and body, but only thing is we need to make use of one’s soul and heart to be happy. Taming one’s mind without interference from outside is a gateway to happiness. That would answer where we can find happiness. 

Happiness one gain from a walk and pleasure is a time being and not an eternal to enjoy. To pursue happiness is a basic human right. Therefore, one needs to explore for the invaluable good that requires living a moral life.  As Russel said that to find happiness, “the real obstacles lie in the heart of man, and the cure for these is a firm hope.”

Happiness should come from; within our own power, our own strength and our own energy. Then only we can increase our level of happiness by various methods. To be happy, one should avoid harbouring negative thoughts. To read about happiness –attend talks and courses on happiness –learn about happiness through examples, rewards, stories, from the media and other sources. That is how one can explore the possibility of becoming happy.

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