Reflection of Past: 25/11/2019

It is a remarkable day to be remembered? It was an accidental talk and conversation that taught me a lesson to learn. He was waiting for that opportunity to remind me, but it coincides with a time. Thank god. You blessed me at the right time before it is too late.

Whatever they inform, no argument means I have no say. I humbly accept my fault. I am not a right and perfect person. I am also not a person who never listens to feedback and complement from students, peers, and managers.  For the betterment, I will cooperate and reform at any cost. So I take it as not a complaint rather than enriching my dignity with that incident. Hereon, I need to refrain from that behaviour and attitude. I promised that I would never let it happen anymore.

People around should also need to rethink their attitude and mindset like; a snake, once we found under the cypress tree, will never stay all the time. Do not fear upon seeing same cypress tree hours later. The bottom line of the conversation are;

I need to take my dignity as an individual. Some students and colleagues have observed my attitude in a playground are not representing whom I am supposed to be.  I have a habit of playing football rough and tough, so could have hurt their sentiments. So I will navigate as fair as possible without hurting public sentiments.

I need to be vigilant of corruption, nepotism, and favouritism and stick to rules and regulations. It seems some people around are not happy; I as a manager. Whatever I am doing is closely watched and observed. Some are appreciating, and some are gossiping and looking for an opportunity to point fault. I will try best to do duty based on a principle of integrity and honesty.

As a manager, the priority is to deal and workout at the individual level by offering space to resolve our indifferent and remind them. If things/issues are going beyond, then definitely it will reach a higher authority. I am human. I have five senses. I can also understand the situation, so there is nothing to feel a reservation. We should be open to discussion, exploration, and innovation.  We need to look for a mechanism to correct the system instead of pulling and pushing one another. Pushing one and pulling two will not work in a system we are working. Our idea needs to be put into work by seeking interventions and approaching higher authority.

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