All the people are good if we treat them well!

It is human nature to love, wish, and care for one whom they treat them well. There is nothing amaze. There would be rare people who don’t know how to recognize and credit back their people who help them in need. I have encountered many people; rich, poor, kids, young and adult people. All of them are good if we treat them well. Among that like-minded people is so rare to find.

Sometimes, due to one’s negligence, we don’t reflect and recognize their contribution during our vulnerable time. Those people who supported and helped sometimes expect to recognize what they did. So one should be in a position to recall and respect/show them courtesy.

There would be no adversary if one understands their emotion but we fail there. Most of the time we fail to understand each other. Our assumption and pre-conditioning are making adversary. We think they are fine and well-established. We fail to recognize what are the challenges that were faced by the people. They expect something reward in return but without understanding and knowing challenges.

To sum up, keeping aside our challenges, it is better to acknowledge and show courtesy not only to one who supports but also to anyone else. Whether people get along with me or not is secondary, the fact is I stand to treat well. As saying goes,“ Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.” 

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