Busy is a man when nobody knows’s

Life of busy man

What could be the life of a busy man? Have you experienced it? Is it stressful? To me, the life of a busy man is more of stress as well as enjoyable in the workplace. Staying busy is a great way to keep the mind active. No matter whether you are doing, the brain is continuously operating, either because of the task at hand or because it’s already planning ahead. It is up to the individual to make this a beautiful way to stay physically and mentally healthy.

One thing I just wondered, a man works hard but nobody could say he is doing good. Things will get worse if we could not handle it anymore in the workplace. For a couple of months, I have been busy with work which hardly gets recognize from outside. I feel so please at the end of the day, whether It is good or not. I gain many experiences. That itself is recognition within the self. It is further supported by Buddhist saying “To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”.

I have sacrificed my personal and private time to get work done. It seems everything is on track as of now but one professional work is yet to complete within a given time. I felt upset. I cloud have done that but schedule timing became so challenging.

If we cannot manage time properly. Things could get worse to manage. Meeting consuming much time. sometimes the outcome is as same as not discussing. Sometimes it is urgent and most useful to gain experience. Most of the meetings I attended are more management related. So on the other hand, a heavy task like an academic i.e, teaching and learning also needs to finished within a stipulated time. This puts life in a hurry for an academic to be mindful of managing time.

Whether people pull or push you back.Keep on working. A fine day will be there to reach a new destiny. Have stammer to learn new thing out of wrong and right outcomes of individual work. Keep spirit to work and make decision in our life.

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