Time and Place is everything; Leadership Hints

We are a leader. We are our own leaders. In general, a leader is somebody whom you follow and also make people work and do things towards achieving a common goal. People always expect that leader would initiative and demonstrate the courage to make things happen.

In my conversation with a well-known person, he advised me to take care of the ‘time and place in shouldering leadership position’. I totally agreed and accepted his advice without a second thought. Personally now felt that things could get better for everyone if we take care of ‘time and place’ to mobilize others and continue to inspire them to strive toward the destination.

As a leader, we should not wait around for others to guide instead lead by example. In this way, a leader can help other people see what lies ahead and act swiftly to counter any challenges along the way.

From the conversation, I came to realize that talking and making remarks in the wrong place and time would not only deteriorate our friendship but also professionalism relationship. So in any workplace personal friendship and professional relationship matters a lot to achieve a common goal.

So be good leader and good person to everyone!

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