We only live once, do the right thing.

Image represent wish to be silent

Everybody is aware ‘we only live once’. So we should be reflecting the time and again. Whether we are doing our best. I am not a politician, to play politics. I am not a social thinker. But I do learn from everyday life. I am also vigilant.

Now, I am planning to be silent. Thinking that wasting time for a larger picture is of no use. As somebody advised me, “Working for the larger cost is just like that of wasting ploughshare while ploughing the field”. I think this is true. People hardly recognized what we are doing. Everyone is after the name and fame, money and power, and an opportunity. That is a space where things get to mix with personal-to-professionalism.

It is very hard to define, where are we going wrong? Where I am heading? The only solution is to be silent or ignore it. But that does not resolve the challenges. Even god will not understand what events will be the next consequences.

I have a determination and aspiration, in this lifetime-“if I do it right, once is enough”. Hereon, I have no business to argue but will keep ear-alert with what is going around. Once an old man warned me, ‘one fake friend is equal to five enemies’.

I am now careful about my company and whom I speak, listen, and share it. Let them talk and gossip. I shall strike to the principle of ‘let people throw stones at me. I won’t throw them back instead collect them all’. This could give a strength to find the truth and new lesson in life.

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