What other people think of me is none of my business

No matter what others think of me. Having a deep and abiding love for one’s profession is the best solution. Listening to people around is good. Let them share their opinion on whether to consider and implement is within us. I have encountered many people who talk well in the masses. These people say so many things as if they have bases to influence and control if they are in power and position. But never apply in reality within the self.

That is the reason ‘I stand no matter what others say and it is none of my business to follow them and appreciate’. Whether such people have logic to convince also I can’t do that. I would rather learn by self then listening and wasting my time and effort. I don’t appreciate telling people but do within self before telling others.

I don’t have an ego to argue. I have no logic to tell and say. I only look forward to moving further with integrity and professionalism. I know I am surrounded by a fake friend who pretends to be good and gossip out of my sight. No issues. If I work with integrity and professionalism. It is their problem, not my business.

I only wish to be good as far as possible. Whether they like me or not is secondary. Whether there is indifference or not. I will remain the same. No treatment based on races, religions, regions, and creeds. Let haters, hate. Let them gossip. We have a very limited time, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Have our own decision and thought in life.

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