Making one-to-one Conversation

One-to-one Conversation

Sometimes it is good to make one-to-one conversation with a colleague. Through conversation, we can understand not only each other’s feelings and emotions but also the challenges that one encounter in their life. There is no question of why he/she is interrogating on private life? There could be reasonable to make conversation. Only if one feels comfortable to share and suggest in private conversation.

The one-to-one conversation is healthy if one takes positively. Moreover, one would be able to acquire enough understanding of whether he/she is like-minded with you or not. For instance, we have a different understanding of person before and after making a conversation. Yesterday, I have long a long hour of conservation with my colleague. After the conversation, my previous knowledge, and understanding of a person is completely different. I think having a frequent conversation would resolve our indifference in the workplace.

Things in management get worse if we fail to understand the personal feeling and knowledge of individuals. Their perception and perspective differ from situation to place and atmosphere we are placed. Sometimes even workaholic determines an understanding of personal altitude and behavior. Thus, having a good time conversation would resolve issues and misunderstandings. Have fun to mingle together. Say never to be in isolation. Let’s understand it together.

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