Contemplating for the Right Understanding

Contemplating for the right understanding is “to make some changes in behavior and attitude”. My declaration does not mean to make a major significant change but I mean to adopt my own principle of living.  I felt remorseful for the people whom I hurt knowingly, through assuming, and by recognizing. I now realized something needs to change within myself (I) instead of trying to change others (body). As it is said that “if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal”.The time has arrived for me to think and analyze what I am doing now and then? Who decides my work? Does someone else decide it or does the situation outside decides it? Everything has limits to living and behavior.  I accept the fact that change must be from within and changing based on the outside world does not last long. That’s true!

Till-date I am more carried away by the outside world than the internal world. Even if people around me criticize, I’ll take care of no worth because it is human nature to say what thing to others without reflecting their own self (I). It also symbolizes two things; lack of trust and confidence and their intention of doubt which invites problem than resolution. In this situation, it is better to think about what is natural acceptance or unnatural acceptance? Before taking any responsibility and shouldering duty I’ll do self-observation, self-awareness, self-exploration, self-verification, self-evaluation, and self-reflection. If it is not in accordance with natural acceptance definitely I will discontinue.

It is through the right understanding, right feeling, and right thoughts I will be able to understand relationships, harmony, and co-existence completely. When I am able to understand relationships, harmony, and co-existence completely, then only I’ll decide on the right feeling, and thoughts at all times with the right feeling within, I will be in a state of continuous happiness. To enjoy the fruit of happiness in society right understanding is indispensable.

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