Reading: An inspiration to make a difference?

Reading fire up one’s imagination, provide solace in times of grief, and open one’s world. Some read for pleasure, to improve and ability to focus on their disciplines, to increase general knowledge, to improve concentration, and to motivate themselves. Whatever it may be, remember, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”, said American author Ernest Hemingway.

The importance of a reading habit is indispensable for our professional success, as it opens up the mind to new experiences and provides new avenues of knowledge. I am inspired to read more and more in this short time. I can’t stay ideal for a long without learning something new. Today I just visited my center office after a long gap and brought two books (Kyich Lhakhang and The Boddhisattva King) to read. I am sure it will be completed within a May third week.

Two books that I will read within May third week

I coup up the reading habit while undergoing post-graduation in 2015 at Lovely Professional University in India. Now within 6 years, I have just completed 109 books as of now, and currently, I am reading “The Republic” by Plato. However, after returning to College, I could not read much unlike in India. I don’t have any skills to read a book at the beginning and went through several books that guide me on how to read a book.

A book I am reading currently as of April 21, 2022

I regret it a lot why didn’t I start earlier during my primary and college days. Flashback to school and college life, I remember I just read only a book that is related to my subjects and programme of studies. That is a blunder on my part and maybe I am im-mature to take a decision or just thought a reading means only related to subjects/disciplines I am studying. Though, it is not too late to learn and read as of now also but could have made some difference in academic performance had I coup up long ago.

Now I at least spent reading a maximum of an hour or a chapter in a day other than my disciplines. I learned that reading books are just a matter of effort. If we are enthusiastic and curious to learn one’s dedication and time are musts. Developing the habit of reading whether we are busy or tired does not hold us back from reading. If we missed yesterday feel like recovering the lost time of yesterday to read. This is just my observation. I am not authenticating this principle to everyone. It may work for some and may not be always. It depends on a person’s taste and preference in learning.

From May 2022, I have a plan to read journals and articles, apart from only reading a book. My aim to emphasize Journals and Articles is not only to update a piece of recent information but also to learn the process of how research is conducted in various disciplines. Although books make us develop and gain an in-depth understanding of content, sometimes they lack recent updates and analyses.

Reading is an inspiration to make a difference in one’s lifetime as well as in academe. Reading improves our thinking skills and analytical abilities. Reading is one of the best ways to learn a language or gain mastery over a known one. So read a book, journals, articles, or whichever you feel like reading during leisure time, and make a difference.

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