Bhutan is Blessed with a second Gyalsey!

His Majesty the King, Queen & Gyalsey.

Tashi Delek to Their Majesties, The King and Queen of Bhutan. The birth of the second Royal Child is not only remarkable but also thrilled occasion for the Royal family and the nation and people of Bhutan. It overjoys people of Bhutan with Royal gift; the prince was born on March 19, 2020, corresponding with the 25th day of the 1st month of the Male Iron Rat year, in Lingkana Palace, Thimphu according to an announcement made in Gyaltsuen’s Facebook page. 

People of Bhutan are so fortunate to hear the great news of Royal birth. As soon as it announces news about Royal birth, social media users joined the nation on the joyous occasion in offering their heartfelt prayer and congratulations to Their Majesties the King and Queen on the birth of the second Royal Child. This is such a joyous moment for the people of Bhutan. People whole heartily offer very sincere Tashi Delek to His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. This is such a great relief and a moment of happiness. With this virtuous Royal blessing we the Bhutanese and the world will soon overcome this pandemic.

We are humbled to be blessed by another Gyalsey. I join all the people of Bhutan and beyond to offer congratulations to Your Majesties and Royal Highnesses blessing us with another Gyalsey today on a very Auspicious Day la. Most awaited good news. May our 2nd Gelsey brings good luck to our country and the people to enjoy peace and prosperity under dynamic leadership of Wangchuck Dynasty.

Penden Drukpa Gyelo!

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