Not likely to be free for sometime

Stress and depression

The psychological stress and depression I am going through just so long is likely to say goodbye by tomorrow.  I talked several occasions to Mr. Stress and Mr. Depression to cooperate with me by now. If two party is not willing to listen, condition would be extremely different.

Till date two party never obeyed and abided by what I suggested. Now agreement would be signed between three parties not to disturb one another anymore. We also felt to exercise our own constitutional role and fundamental right without hindering in other’s lifestyle.  May God blessed us to cooperate with each other in achieving mutual happiness throughout life?

Most of the time people are seriously injured by this illness for several reason in their daily life. Once it injured means among thousand patients only few has tactic to cure. This mental illness is hazard to our life. It creates lots of social unrest in the community we are living. So be careful to deal with stress and depression. No do not risk your life within short span of time.

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