My Tribute to Savior

His Majesty the King of Bhutan

In land of the Thunder Dragon

Where the flow of the Buddha Dharma is continued

To the secluded and deprived people like us

God gifted us a King Extraordinary

He provides us with everything we need

Thus, he is truly the people’s king

Within a brief reign of  the His Majesty

Love and compassion pervaded

Well-known for GNH and distinct from the rest nations

Through the idiosyncrasy of culture and tradition

Gift of the charismatic leadership of the King

Will be felt and sensed by everyone.

In this land of thunder Dragon

Wangchuck Dynasty had never failed

Unlike the kings in history who broke their nation for power

Throne granted freedom and right to the people here in this land.

Lucky we, the people feel but we worship our monarchs as of god.

Country is ensured of its sovereignty.

His Majesty is too kind and supportive

You bestow us equal opportunity

To safe our hunger and thirst

Your support for us will be remembered

Thank god for the gift you have granted

We are assured of the happiness you preach.

World won’t know another king, of ours kind for eons to go

Where freedom and needs are rendered from the throne

I promise to serve my King, Country and People

Under His Majesty’s benevolent Leadership

On the quest of Gross National Happiness

I’ll stand with my sleeves up any time.

 Tashi Delek

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